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There is a tidal wave of technological change coming your way.

If you don’t know what it means for you and your team then it is time to find out.
The open source technology movement is here – from 3D printing and programmable electronics to the Unicorn-like promise of Internet of Things and wearable tech.
Some of what you will have read in the papers is hogwash – but some of it is utterly true.

There’s one given though.
If you’re anything like the vast majority of UK business managers and owners then you have no idea what any of this means.

That’s where Machido comes in.

We can teach your team the basics of programmable electronics really, really quickly.
And you can be totally confident that they’ll enjoy learning with us – because most of our tech is aimed at primary school kids (so just slightly more advanced than your average manager!)

So if you would like people in your organisation to start thinking about technology as something that does more than light up pixels on a screen then drop us a line.
Get us in early enough and who knows we may be able to help you reshape your business before it is swept away in the coming technological tide.


We offer:

  • Team building

  • Consultancy

  • Short Courses

  • Workshops

Like to hear more? Then drop us a line at hello@machido.com

*Alternatively we can just scare the pants off them with stories of robots-that-can-do-their jobs.