“We’re a bunch of writers, so not even remotely tech-savvy, but …after just an hour the room was full of the tweeting and flapping of little paper birds that we’d built with our own new-found coding genius. Expect hordes of little robots to grace the streets of Borough before long.”

Nick Padmore, The Writer

“The children thoroughly enjoyed doing the Machido sessions. It was the highlight of their week

and they definitely gained a lot of new skills and interests from the sessions.”

Patrick Cleal - Wix School

“I really liked making art with technology! It was so fun and amazing!”



Pupil from Gainsborough School Workshop at Whitechapel Gallery

The education world is waking up to the importance of teaching children to code. But we believe children should do more than light up pixels on a computer screen.

We teach them how to build and program projects that will interact with the physical world. Projects that use sensors, actuators and micro-controllers to make stuff buzz, move, bleep and blink alongside traditional art.